Order of submission, peer reviewing and publishing of articles to be submitted to the publishing office of journal "Herald of the Pedagogical University"

The publishing office of the scientific journal "Herald of the Pedagogical University" receives for publication the articles on areas declared in journal subject. Incoming articles of post-graduate students and degree seeking applicants are accepted together with the review of scientific supervisors or scientists and professors of respective areas. All articles preliminarily undergo a peer review that to be carried out by members of Editorial Board consisting of specialists on different areas of science. The requirements on completion of original articles are posted on journal website and provided for in the last page of the journal in Russian and English languages. Articles that do not undergo the peer review are returned back to the authors. If the manuscript is accepted, the publishing office will inform the author about the errors on completion of manuscripts that need to be eliminated till the transferring of the text to peer reviewing.

All reviewers are acknowledged specialists on the subject of materials to be peer reviewed and have publications within the period of 3 last years on the subject of articles to be peer reviewed. Reviews are kept in publishing house and in journal publishing office during 5 years. Then articles are reviewed by members of Editorial Board of the journal or experts of respective speciality (by the candidates and doctors of sciences) on a mandatory basis.

The review should include an appropriate narration of positive qualities of the material, in particular scientific novelty of the problem, its applicability, archive, factual and historical authenticity, accuracy of citation, good style of statement, using modern resources, as well as argumentative material and recommendation for Editorial Board (to publish the material, to publish the material after follow-up revision, to send it to the specialist of particular sphere, to reject).

Review length – not less than one page.

Received articles for publication that need a follow-up revision are sent to authors with feedbacks of the reviewer and editor. Authors should include all needed corrections into final version of the manuscript and turn corrected text back to the journal publishing office, as well as its electronic version with the initial version of the manuscript. After the follow-up revision the article is reviewed again and journal publishing office makes decision on its publication.

The article is considered accepted for publication in case of existence of positive review and if it is supported by most members of the Editorial Board. Procedure and order of publication of the articles are determined depending on date of incoming of its final version.

In case of existence of errors identified by the reviewer the article is given to the authors for their elimination with a mandatory further agreement with included correction by Editorial Board.

Editorial Board of the journal submits to the authors of provided materials copies of reviews or rejection reasons, as well as is obliged to submit copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation in case of incoming relevant request to the publishing office of the journal. Reviewed manuscripts are carried out in confidence. Disclosure of confidential details of reviewing of manuscript violates author’s right. Reviewers have not the right to make copies of manuscripts for their needs.

Reviewers and employees of the journal publishing office have not the right to use information containing in the manuscripts for their private interests till its publication.